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#1: The Cup 2011 DVDRip XviD

Added admin, in category: (2-03-2012, 18:16)
The Cup 2011 DVDRip XviD

Genre: Drama
IMDB rating: 4.9/10 from 778 users
Directed by: Simon Wincer
Starring: Brendan Gleeson, Alice Parkinson and Bill Hunter
Size: 700 MB
Video: XVID, 640 x 272, 890 kbit/s
Audio: English, MP3 , 128 Kbps
Runtime: 1h 41mn

#2: Final Fantasy PSN Collection [2011] (PS3 DLC)

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Final Fantasy PSN Collection [2011] (PS3 DLC)

Final Fantasy PSN Collection [2011] (PS3 DLC) | 5.28 GB
Genre: RPG

#3: Reading Blaster (6-8 & 9-12)

Added admin, in category: Software (23-02-2012, 01:44)
Reading Blaster (6-8 & 9-12)

Reading Blaster 6-8 & 9-12
Size: 294.38 MB

Six engaging activities develop essential spelling, phonics, grammar, and vocabulary skills and equip children to read and listen effectively.

#4: The Interrupters (2011) BRRip-aTLas

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The Interrupters (2011) BRRip-aTLas

The Interrupters (2011) BRRip-aTLas
2hr 8mn | BRRip | avi | 688 x 384 | XviD @ 855 Kbps | MP3 @ 112 Kbps | 894 MB
Genre(s): Documentary | Crime

The Interrupters tells the moving and surprising stories of three Violence Interrupters who try to protect their Chicago communities from the violence they once employed. From acclaimed director Steve James and bestselling author Alex Kotlowitz, this film is an unusually intimate journey into the stubborn, persistence of violence in our cities. Shot over the course of a year out of Kartemquin Films, The Interrupters captures a period in Chicago when it became a national symbol for the violence in our cities. During that period, the city was besieged by high-profile incidents, most notably the brutal beating of Derrion Albert, a Chicago High School student, whose death was caught on videotape. The film‘s main subjects work for an innovative organization, CeaseFire, which believes that the spread of violence mimics the spread of infectious diseases, and so the treatment should be similar: go after the most infected, and stop the infection at its source. The singular mission of the "Violence Interrupters" - who have credibility on the streets because of their own personal histories -- is to intervene in conflicts before they explode into violence. In The Interrupters, Ameena Matthews, whose father is Jeff Fort, one of the city‘s most notorious gang leaders, was herself a drug ring enforcer. But having children and finding solace in her Muslim faith pulled her off the streets and grounded her. In the wake of Derrion Albert‘s death, Ameena becomes a close confidante to his mother, and helps her through her grieving. Ameena, who is known among her colleagues for her fearlessness, befriends a feisty teenaged girl who reminds her of herself at that age. The film follows that friendship over the course of many months, as Ameena tries to nudge the troubled girl in the right direction. Cobe Williams, scarred by his father‘s murder, was in and out of prison, until he had had enough. His family - particularly a young son - helped him find his footing. Cobe disarms others with his humor and his general good nature. His most challenging moment comes when he has to confront a man so bent on revenge that Cobe has to pat him down to make sure he‘s put away his gun. Like Ameena, he gets deeply involved in the lives of those he encounters, including a teenaged boy just out of prison and a young man from his old neighborhood who‘s squatting in a foreclosed home. Eddie Bocanegra is haunted by a murder he committed when he was seventeen. His CeaseFire work is a part of his repentance for what he did. Eddie is most deeply disturbed by the aftereffects of the violence on children, and so he spends much of his time working with younger kids in an effort to both keep them off the streets and to get support to those who need it - including a 16-year-old girl whose brother died in her arms. Soulful and empathic, Eddie, who learned to paint in prison, teaches art to children, trying to warn them of the debilitating trauma experienced by those touched by the violence. The Interrupters follows Ameena, Cobe and Eddie as they go about their work, and while doing so reveals their own inspired journeys of hope and redemption. The film attempts to make sense of what CeaseFire‘s Tio Hardiman calls, simply, "the madness".

#5: The Informers (2008) 720p BluRay DTS x264-ESiR

Added admin, in category: (21-02-2012, 18:16)

The Informers (2008) 720p BluRay DTS x264-ESiR

The Informers (2008) 720p BluRay DTS x264-ESiR
1hr 37mn | 720p BluRay | mkv | 1280 x 534 | x264 @ 4798 Kbps | DTS @ 1510 Kbps | 4.35 GB
Genre(s): Crime | Drama | Thriller

Loosely connected stories capture a week in L.A. in 1983, featuring movie executives, rock stars, a vampire and other morally challenged characters in adventures laced with s3x, drugs and violence.

#6: VA - Drum and Bass Minimix Vol.41 (2012)

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VA - Drum and Bass Minimix Vol.41 (2012)

VA - Drum and Bass Minimix Vol.41 (2012)
Drum‘n‘Bass | 2012 | MP3 | 320 kbps | 142 MB

#7: IL 2 Sturmovik 1946 (PC/ENG/2001)

Added admin, in category: Game » Portable PC Games (1-09-2011, 01:43)
IL 2 Sturmovik 1946 (PC/ENG/2001)

IL 2 Sturmovik 1946 (PC/ENG/2001)
English | Platform: PC | Release: November 2001 | Publisher: Ubisoft | Developer: 1C Company | 3.37 GB
Genre: Flight Simulation

Its a little tough to review the latest IL-2 Sturmovik expansion, 1946, simply because the title includes not only the original game but also all the expansions released so far and the Pacific Fighters content. On that score, its a phenomenal value and one that no sim fan should be without. But rather than simply re-reviewing the original game, Pe-2, Forgotten Battles, the Ace edition, and Pacific Fighters, were just going to focus here on the new content that longtime fans of the series will find in 1946.

Human planet. Rivers: Friend and Foe (2011) HDRip Mkv - IMMERSE

Human planet. Rivers: Friend and Foe (2011) HDRip Mkv - IMMERSE
English | Mkv | H264 | 720 x 400 | 00:58:40 | 29.970 fps 830 kbps | MP3 128 kbps 48 KHz | 1,7GB
Genre: Documentary
Episode of Northern Kenya and the semi-nomadic tribes of Samburu reveals why the singing and dancing are an important part of their lives. Also in the episode described a trip to Laos, during which the team has to deal with the BBC a few unwanted visitors in their camp on the banks of the Mekong.

#9: Tracy Chapman - Collection (2001) FLAC

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Tracy Chapman - Collection (2001) FLAC

Tracy Chapman - Collection (2001) FLAC
16 Tracks | FLAC(tracks) - No Cue - No Log | Label: Warner Bros. | Catalog: 9627002 | 435 MB
Genre: Pop, Rock

#10: Seventeen - September 2011 (HQ PDF)

Added admin, in category: (31-08-2011, 01:44)
Seventeen - September 2011 (HQ PDF)

Seventeen - September 2011
English | HQ PDF | 236 pages | 211.9 Mb
Bring the pages of Seventeen magazine to life! Get the latest issue now-or a super-discounted year-long subscription-not only will you find tons of amazing style ideas, insider beauty tricks, juicy guy confessions, and dramatic real-life stories, but you-ll also get endless extras-available only for iPad readers!

#11: Curiosity S01E04 What Sank Titanic 720p HDTV x264-DiVERGE

Added admin, in category: Video » Documentary (30-08-2011, 13:51)
Curiosity S01E04 What Sank Titanic 720p HDTV x264-DiVERGE

Curiosity S01E04 What Sank Titanic
English | 720p HDTV x264-DiVERGE | MKV | AVC 1280x720 2099Kbps 25fps | AC3 384Kbps 6Ch 48KHz | 1hr 26mn | 1.53G
Genre: Documentary
It‘s almost 100 years since the Titanic sank. We think we know the story but how much do we actually know? Drawing on detailed trial records that describe the sinking, we recreate both the science and human drama of one of history‘s greatest stories.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager S04E12 720p HDTV X264-DIMENSION

The Secret Life of the American Teenager S04E12
English | 42 Mins | h264 @ 3739 kb/s | 1280x720 23fps | AC3 448Kbps 48Khz | 1.09 Gb
Genre: Drama | Family | Romance | Dating | Teens
Good-girl band geek Amy Juergens is smart, talented...and pregnant. Super-Christian cheerleader Grace wants to wait until she‘s married. As their secrets start to spread to the parents and to friends like bad-boy Ricky and wild-child Adrian, everyone‘s secrets and stories start to come to the surface.

Steve Gibbons (Steve Gibbons Band, The Uglys) - Discography (1971-2004)

Steve Gibbons (Steve Gibbons Band, The Uglys) - Discography (1971-2004)
Genre: Rock, R&B, Folk-Rock | 13 Albums | MP3 160-320 kbps | 1.36 GB

#14: Black Goat (2011) BDRip XviD-DMZ

Added admin, in category: Video » Movie (28-08-2011, 17:20)
Black Goat (2011) BDRip XviD-DMZ

Black Goat (2011) BDRip XviD-DMZ
Language: English
AVI | 699.2 MiB | 624x464 | XviD @ 1 174 Kbps | AC3 @ 224 Kbps - 2 channels | 1h 9mn
Genre: Action | Fantasy | Horror
Jacques Cowan is what the French call a runner of the woods. He may be a foreigner in the new world but Jacques quickly learned the ways of the native people, their language, their routes, and their skills. But he didn t leave his life in another land for adventure, freedom, and wealth - he had much more in mind than trading pelts and cheating death. Jacques had listened intently to the stories that had crossed the ocean, extraordinary tales of mystical creatures and unknown forces. Black Goat finds Jacques mid hunt, as he closes in on what others thought was a legend. What he doesn t realize is that the legend is on a hunt of its own.

#15: Kanthaswamy 2009 m-720p BDRip AC3 x264~EliteCoder

Added admin, in category: Video » Movie (28-08-2011, 16:24)
Kanthaswamy 2009 m-720p BDRip AC3 x264~EliteCoder

Kanthaswamy 2009 m-720p BDRip AC3 x264~EliteCoder
Tamil | Subs : English | 3h 14mn | x264 1280*544 2050Kbps | AC-3 6 channels 3.14 GiB
Release Date: 21 August 2009
Stars : Alex,Charlie,Krishna Ghattamaneni
Writer : Susi Ganesan
Genres : Action | Adventure | Crime | Fantasy | Sci-Fi
Vikram dons 2 roles - CBI officer and Superhero. Its about money laundering and how Vikram and his friends nabs the criminals to help the downtrodden.

#16: Gomorra (2008) m720p BluRay AC3 x264-vsenc

Added admin, in category: Video » Movie (28-08-2011, 12:56)
Gomorra (2008) m720p BluRay AC3 x264-vsenc

Gomorra (2008) m720p BluRay AC3 x264-vsenc
Matroska | 2.763 GB | 1280x544 | AVC @ 2 382 Kbps | Italian with English Sub | AC3 @ 448 Kbps - 6 channels | 2h 16minutes
Genre: Crime | Drama
Gomorra is a contemporary Neapolitan mob drama that exposes Italy s criminal underbelly by telling five stories of individuals who think they can make their own compact with Camorra, the area s Mafia.

#17: Youda Fisherman v1 1 Cracked Multilingual-F4CG

Added admin, in category: Game » Dash (28-08-2011, 11:04)
Youda Fisherman v1 1 Cracked Multilingual-F4CG

Youda Fisherman v1 1 Cracked Multilingual-F4CG | Size: 79.81 MB

Are you ready to prove you are the worthy hero praised in adventure books? The stories of your fearless deeds have travelled around the world with lightning speed. You have become the hero for many hopeless strangers in need of help.

It was only a matter of time until some of them would come to you for help. Accept the adventurous offer from the Mad Scientist who couldn’t prevent the destruction of his company. Help the stranger face the same fears you have once battled and work together in your latest quest for fame. Learn trading techniques, discover new markets around the world and become the ruler of the open seas.

Build a large fleet of ships and command them by managing your harbor’s resources. Use the inventions of the Scientist to gain incredible powers and rebuild his company to grow a trading empire like no other. Travel around the world to test your skills and prove your versatility. Prepare your strategy to find the most efficient way to battle the many dangerous things lurking in the deep waters. Play this adventure and make sure the legend lives on!

This game contains:

Over 65 levels
Unique Open Sea Ship Battles
Many enemies with unique characteristics
An entire fleet of ships
A unique trading mechanic
An exciting mix of Tower Defense and Time Management elements
Become the ruler of the seas in this fun adventure.

Youda Fisherman v1 1 Cracked Multilingual-F4CG

Youda Fisherman v1 1 Cracked Multilingual-F4CG

History Channel Secret Access UFOs on the Record HDTV XviD-FQM

History Channel - Secret Access UFOs on the Record
English | 60Mins | XVID 624x352 23fps | MP3 128Kbps 48Khz | 700 MB
Genre: Documentary
History is filled with accounts of new phenomena that are misunderstood and ridiculed. Galileo was charged with heresy for his observations about the universe. Einstein-s general theory of relativity was dismissed by many as a conspiracy. Now, a former Air Force general, a retired Air Force colonel, a former FAA executive, and other credible witnesses are stepping forward to reveal something that nobody would believe: first-hand encounters with UFOs. They-ll tell their stories in SECRET ACCESS: UFOs ON THE RECORD, a two-hour special premiering Thursday, Thursday August 25 at 8 p.m. ET on HISTORY. The film features in-depth accounts by people who are willing to risk their jobs and reputations to speak out about their extraordinary experiences, such as former Arizona Governor Fife Symington III; Nick Pope, former head of the British Defense Ministry-s UFO Investigative Unit, and others. Commentary is provided by investigative journalist Leslie Kean, author of the NY Times bestseller UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record, who spent ten years studying the UFO phenomenon and bringing together high level sources from around the world. Sightings of strange lights and darting orbs are reported from all over the world, and most are easily explained. But a few other cases present evidence that UFOs are real. SECRET ACCESS: UFOs ON THE RECORD focuses on claims that cannot be ignored: sightings over a nuclear-armed military base near Phoenix, a forest in England, a small city in Belgium. These remarkable eyewitness stories are illustrated with actual source materials such as footage, radar images and voice recordings from NASA, the Air Force and the FAA.

#19: Auto Express - 24 August 2011 (UK)

Added admin, in category: (28-08-2011, 03:36)
Auto Express - 24 August 2011 (UK)

Auto Express - 24 August 2011 (UK)
English | PDF | 100 pages | 49.1 Mb
If you‘re looking to buy a new car, or want to know the best way to look after your motor so it‘s worth more when you sell it, then Auto Express is the magazine for you. The biggest weekly automotive magazine brings you everything you need to know about cars, motoring and maintenance.The biggest-selling car magazine in the UK, Auto Express features the highest quality car journalism and an unsurpassed passion for motoring. Our experts will put new cars through their paces and bring you their unbiased, respected analysis on the best (and worst) models on the market. We‘ll also advise you on any changes in motoring law, ways to drive more economically and how to avoid costly maintenance mistakes! Britain‘s biggest car news selection - with pages of all the latest car news and motoring stories The first and fastest new car drives and road tests with all the verdicts, facts and figues you need to know World exclusive spy pictures of still-secret cars, so you know what‘s coming up and don‘t buy an out-of-date model

#20: Sonic and the Secret Rings - Zdanov (PC/2011)

Added admin, in category: Game (27-08-2011, 17:20)
Sonic and the Secret Rings - Zdanov (PC/2011)

Sonic and the Secret Rings - Zdanov (PC/2011)

Year: 2011 | Developer: Sonic Team | Publisher: SEGA | PC | English | 4.23 GB
Genre: Arcade | 3D | 3rd Person

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