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hd quality hollywood horror movies free download in hindi

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#1: VA - City Lounge: Collection (2005-2012) 10CD

Added admin, in category: (23-11-2012, 17:32)
VA - City Lounge: Collection (2005-2012) 10CD

VA - City Lounge: Collection (2005-2012) 10CD
Release: 2005-2012 | Quality: All CBR 320 kbps | Playtime: 38:45:20 | 10 CDs | Size: 5,79 Gb
Genre: Lo-Fi, Lounge, Downtempo, Chillout, Future Jazz, Trip Hop, House, Soul, R&B

#2: ParaNorman 2012 DVDRip Xvid Ac3-SLRG

Added admin, in category: (23-11-2012, 17:25)
ParaNorman 2012 DVDRip Xvid Ac3-SLRG

ParaNorman 2012 DVDRip Xvid Ac3-SLRG

File: ParaNorman.2012.DVDRip.Xvid.Ac3-SLRG.avi
Size: 1197399746 bytes (1.12 GiB), duration: 01:32:16, avg.bitrate: 1730 kb/s
Audio: ac3, 48000 Hz, 5:1, 448 kb/s
Video: mpeg4, yuv420p, 704x288, 23.98 fps(r)
ParaNorman Trailer
In the town of Blithe Hollow, Norman Babcock is a boy who can speak to the dead, but no one besides his eccentric new friend, Neil, believes his ability is real. One day, Norman's estranged eccentric uncle tells him of an important annual ritual he must take up to protect the town from an curse cast by a witch it condemned centuries ago. Eventually, Norman decides to cooperate, but things don't go according to plan. Now, a magic storm of the witch threatens Blithe Hollow as the accursed dead rise. Together with unexpected new companions, Norman struggles to save his town, only to discover the horrific truth of the curse. With that insight, Norman must resolve the crisis for good as only he can.

Casey Zeman - YouTube Revealed: How to Drive Thousands of Traffic and Increase Sales with Youtube

Casey Zeman - YouTube Revealed: How to Drive Thousands of Traffic and Increase Sales with Youtube
English | 2012 | MP4 | eLearning | 4.6GB

Learn How to Build a Brand, Drive Traffic and Close the sales Gap by 40% with Youtube

#4: GraphicRiver Blue Ice User Interface Elements template

Added admin, in category: (13-11-2012, 16:44)
GraphicRiver Blue Ice User Interface Elements  template

GraphicRiver Blue Ice User Interface Elements

#5: Skyfall 2012 TS XViD UNiQUE

Added admin, in category: (13-11-2012, 16:44)
Skyfall 2012 TS XViD UNiQUE

Skyfall 2012 TS XViD UNiQUE

File: Skyfall 2012 TS XViD UNiQUE.avi
Size: 1530331588 bytes (1.43 GiB), duration: 02:17:15, avg.bitrate: 1487 kb/s
Audio: mp3, 48000 Hz, stereo, 128 kb/s
Video: mpeg4, yuv420p, 640x272, 25.00 fps(r)
Skyfall Trailer
Bond's mission is to keep a computer drive that has a list of British agents from being used against them. He chases the man who has it and they have a brawl on top of a train. Eve, an agent sent to assist Bond has them in her cross hairs but hesitates to take the shot because she might hit Bond but M orders her to take it. She does, and hits Bond who falls into the river and is believed to be dead. A few months later, the British government is upset with MI6 for losing the list; specifically with M. She is told that she'll be allowed to retire but she refuses to leave till the matter is resolved. So she returns to HQ to work on it but as she arrives, there's an explosion. In the meantime, Bond, who is not dead, has been laying low. When he learns of what happened, he returns. And M tasks him with finding the one who has the information. He eventually learns that the man who has it, is someone from M's past and who has it in for her.

#6: Iron Fist 2012 CAM XviD AC3 - TODE

Added admin, in category: (13-11-2012, 16:44)
Iron Fist 2012 CAM XviD AC3 - TODE

Iron Fist 2012 CAM XviD AC3 - TODE

File: Iron Fist 2012 CAM XviD AC3 - TODE.avi
Size: 730964230 bytes (697.10 MiB), duration: 01:29:01, avg.bitrate: 1095 kb/s
Audio: ac3, 48000 Hz, stereo, 64 kb/s
Video: mpeg4, yuv420p, 640x296, 23.98 fps(r)
The Man with the Iron Fists Trailer
On the hunt for a fabled treasure of gold, a band of warriors, assassins, and a rogue British soldier descend upon a village in feudal China, where a humble blacksmith looks to defend himself and his fellow villagers.

#7: 11-11-11 (2011) BRRip XviD-MeRCuRY

Added admin, in category: (3-03-2012, 19:11)

11-11-11 (2011) BRRip XviD-MeRCuRY

11-11-11 (2011) BRRip XviD-MeRCuRY
1hr 36mn | BRRip | avi | 640 x 272 | XviD @ 876 Kbps | MP3 @ 128 Kbps | 700 MB
Genre(s): Horror | Thriller
IMDb Info

After his death of his wife and child, an author travels to Barcelona to see his estranged brother and dying father, where he learns that his life is plagued by events that occur on 11/11/11.

#8: Rogue River (2012) BluRay 720p DTS x264-CHD

Added admin, in category: (3-03-2012, 05:27)

Rogue River (2012) BluRay 720p DTS x264-CHD

Rogue River (2012) BluRay 720p DTS x264-CHD
1hr 16mn | BluRay 720p | mkv | 1280 x 720 | x264 @ 5077 Kbps | DTS @ 1509 Kbps | 3.50 GB
Genre(s): Horror | Thriller

You can‘t outrun family.

#9: Mario Party 9 (Wii) Pal

Added admin, in category: (3-03-2012, 02:39)
Mario Party 9 (Wii) Pal

Mario Party 9 (Wii) Pal | 1.05GB
Release Title: Mario Party 9 [Wii][Pal][Scrubbed]-TLS
Game I.D: SSQP01
Release Date: 2012-3-2
Platform: Wii
Genre: party, board game
Size: 1.04 GB Compressed, 4.37GB Extracted
Req. Accessories: Wiimote
Optional Accessories: None
Scrubbed by: bigballs1981

#10: Xilisoft Mobile Video Converter

Added admin, in category: Software (3-03-2012, 00:48)
Xilisoft Mobile Video Converter

Xilisoft Mobile Video Converter | 33.2 MB

Xilisoft Mobile Video Converter - a powerful software to convert most popular video formats to the formats supported by mobile phones (iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile phones, Samsung, etc.). Xilisoft Mobile Video Converter supports formats such as AVI, MPEG, WMV, DivX, MP4, H.264/AVC, AVCHD, MKV, RM, MOV, XviD and 3GP.

#11: cFosSpeed v7.01 Build 1927 Beta

Added admin, in category: Software (2-03-2012, 23:52)
cFosSpeed v7.01 Build 1927 Beta

cFosSpeed v7.01 Build 1927 Beta | 6 MB

cFosSpeed is a high-performance network driver for DSL modems and routers. Highlights of this program include Traffic Shaping, For DSL modems and routers, Fully compatible with conventional PPPoE drivers, Automatic router detection, Self-calibrating, Highly responsive when used with online games and Peer-to-Peer networks like eMule or Kazaa, and Freely configurable priority classes.

cFos Traffic Shaping reduces delays during data transfer and allows you to surf the Internet up to three times faster. Finally, you can use the full bandwidth of your DSL connection!

#12: DVD-Ranger

Added admin, in category: Software (2-03-2012, 23:51)

DVD-Ranger | 16 Mb

DVD-Ranger easily overcomes the flaws of our competitorclassic burning applications, and represents a revolutionary solution supported by our own design innovations: The HotFix Manager utility and the Physxtech Enhancement, both based on our super-speed, high performance copying algorithm.

#13: Eldorado 2012 DVDRip XviD

Added admin, in category: (2-03-2012, 19:11)
Eldorado 2012 DVDRip XviD

Genre: Comedy | Horror | Musical | Western
IMDB rating: 5.2/10
Directed by: Richard Driscoll
Starring: Daryl Hannah, Peter O’Toole and David Carradine
Size: 2 CD
Video: XVID, 640x352, 1236 Kbps
Audio: English, AC3, 448 Kbps
Runtime: 1h 55min


#14: Inkubus 2011 DVDRiP XViD

Added admin, in category: (2-03-2012, 19:11)
Inkubus 2011 DVDRiP XViD

Genre: Horror
IMDB rating: 4.4/10
Directed by: Glenn Ciano
Starring: Nicholas John Bilotta, Mike Cerrone and Jessica Conlan
Size: 715 MB
Quality: 640x352, 25fps, 1033 kbps
Runtime: 01hr07 mins


#15: Eldorado (2012) DVDRip XviD - xTriLL

Added admin, in category: (2-03-2012, 18:16)

Eldorado (2012) DVDRip XviD - xTriLL

Eldorado (2012) DVDRip XviD - xTriLL
1hr 55mn | DVDRIP | avi | 640 x 352 | XviD @ 785 Kbps | MP3 @ 128 Kbps | 753 MB
Genre(s): Comedy | Horror | Musical | Western

The Stranger, a tall striking creature dressed in white sets into motions a series of events whilst reciting the Edgar Allen Poe Poem "Eldorado", which will have an effect on those heading towards the mythical city. The evening was going to be a normal Blues Brothers tribute gig for Oliver and Stanley Rosenblum, The Jews Brothers at a local Bar Mitzvah, but things were not going to go to plan for Stan and Ollie. After being wrongly sent to entertain the annual conference of Neo Nazi‘s instead of the stripper, which was sent to the Bar Mitzvah by their inept Manager JJ. The Jews Brothers are chased out of town by the head of the Californian Chapter of Neo Nazi‘s General Zwick, and after contacting their agent JJ who makes amends for the mix up by sending the boys and the stripper Lesley Dean to do a show at the Eldorado Festival. This sets in motion a series of events, as at the same time Jessica Albino Jones is on the run from her husband, strip club owner Roy with a million of his dollars and with words of wisdom from Angel and Lilly, she finds herself on the same road to Eldorado. The Jews Brothers have broken down, and then are humiliated by a gang of Hell‘s Angels led by Meat. Oliver is keeping it together whilst his weaker brother Stanley is complaining about a broken tooth. They are given directions to a dentist known as Doc Martin who just loves pulling teeth and gets some kind of sexual kick from doing procedures on his patients. The story continues as they close in towards the centre of Eldorado, but at the same time Roy is concerned his wife has run off with one million dollars and employs the help of his friend Ted to pursue his missing wife and more importantly his money. They are also heading now towards a meeting in Eldorado. As these relatively normal characters make their way there, it becomes increasingly clear that the inhabitants of this town are not the normal folk you expect celebrating their towns bi-centenary. The town folk of Eldorado are a collection of folk who prey on tourists including loud mouth Dick Wheeler coming to their town and making them top of the menu. Now Oliver and Stanley have to escape from this town before they become the dish of the day. With the likes of Lemmas the deranged butcher making sure that only the best meat is ready for the feast it‘s going to be hard getting out in one piece. With the Stranger bringing the pieces into play and the Spirit Guide making his own waves, it will end in a way where no one is going to believe. With the town folk on the tail of Oliver and Stanley, they make the run out of town with a million dollars that Stanley has surprisingly found, they are looking forward to a life of no more worries, but the Stranger does not have that in mind, as they find themselves on a cloud on the other side.

#16: The Muppets 2011 DVDRip XviD

Added admin, in category: (2-03-2012, 18:15)
The Muppets 2011 DVDRip XviD

Genre: Comedy | Family | Musical
IMDB Rating: 7.9/10
Directed by: James Bobin
Starring: Amy Adams, Jason Segel and Chris Cooper
Size: 708.89 MB
Quality: 640x352 817Kbps , MP3 132 Kbps,
Runtime: 1h 42m


#17: Joshua (2007) DVDRip AC3 - DiVERSiTY

Added admin, in category: (2-03-2012, 18:15)

Joshua (2007) DVDRip AC3 - DiVERSiTY

Joshua (2007) DVDRip AC3 - DiVERSiTY
1hr 41mn | DVDRip | avi | 720 x 384 | XviD @ 1471 Kbps | AC3 @ 448 Kbps | 1.37 GB
Genre(s): Drama | Horror | Thriller

The Cairn‘s life seems to be a harmonic family: The father Brad works as a stockbroker, his wife Abby takes care of their common new-born daughter Lily, and the 9-year-old Joshua is high-talented. But the appearances are deceptive. Joshua becomes gradual jealously, that his parents give the baby more attention than him. Therefore he begins to terrorize his family.

#18: D16 Group Redoptor 1.3.1 (Windows/MACOSX)

Added admin, in category: Software (2-03-2012, 01:44)
D16 Group Redoptor 1.3.1 (Windows/MACOSX)

D16 Group Redoptor 1.3.1 | 7.5 MB

Redoptor is a high quality Vintage Tube Distortion emulator. The popularity of tube distortion units are as a result of their superiority over the solid-state fuzz distortions which are based on transistor clipper circuits. Tubes produce even and odd harmonics and naturally compress the signal. Transistors produce only odd harmonics and limit the sound.

#19: The Decoy Bride (2011) DVDRip XviD-playXD

Added admin, in category: (2-03-2012, 01:44)

The Decoy Bride (2011) DVDRip XviD-playXD

The Decoy Bride (2011) DVDRip XviD-playXD
1hr 25mn | DVDRip | avi | 640 x 264 | XviD @ 1017 Kbps | MP3 @ 128 Kbps | 700 MB
Genre(s): Comedy | Drama

When the world‘s media descend on the remote Scottish island where a Hollywood actress is attempting to get married, a local girl is hired as a decoy bride to put the paparazzi off the scent.

#20: Any DVD Cloner Express 1.2.2

Added admin, in category: Software (2-03-2012, 01:44)
Any DVD Cloner Express 1.2.2

Any DVD Cloner Express 1.2.2 | 4.3 MB

Any DVD Cloner Express is a tiny but powerful and user-friendly DVD Clone software. With a simple and straightforward operation interface, easy to burn DVD to blank DVD disc, copy DVD to DVD folder or ISO Image Fiel on hard drive with excellent quality.
- Copy DVD to DVD Folder / ISO Image File
- Burn DVD to blank DVD disc
- Tiny Size and large preview window
- User-Friendly Interface

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